What Am I Doing?

The thing is, I don’t know. Do any of us really know what we’re doing?

All I know is, things need to get better and they will- in time.

We’re moving again! UGHHHHHHH. This place that we’re in was supposed to be our home for a while, but after living here for 3 months we’ve discovered there’s never any hot water and the power bill is insane and I refuse to live here any longer. Luckily I know a guy who rents amazing places and one of my fav units just came up for rental and we swooped it up in two days. Talk about the universe helping (thanks universe!) LOL

We give our 30 day notice tomorrow and start packing ASAP!

The place we are moving to is a dream. Screened patio, walking trail, our own driveway  and large bedrooms! We couldn’t be any more excited.

Now on top of all of this we are also trying to conceive baby no.2 *yep, we’re crazy!*

We feel it’s time. Jax needs a sibling, I have baby fever and want a tiny little baby to cuddle and care for again and in the end we don’t feel comfortable having only 1 child. We are definitely looking forward to doing home pregnancy tests soon.

In regards to my weight loss- February has been hard I’m not going to lie. It is called the most depressing month of the year right?! LOL I’m happy to say I’m back at it though. Counting calories, being positive about the end goal. It’s hard but I have to keep at it.

That’s it for a life update, nothing too crazy. We actually live a very boring life HAHA boring is good right? I always said it shows stability and sanity. *Though I’m not sane at all* 😉 Are any of us actually sane? Doubt it.




Hello World

Recently my Mum recommended a series on Netflix called ” Kindness Diaries”.  With an open mind I clicked episode one and started to watch. With Brennan watching as well we both sat , fixated on the tv. By the end of the first episode we both sat there- thinking and then discussing. I don’t want to post any spoilers, but I will say this: Wow! What an eye opening show. It’s now made me think about how I need to live my life. With kindness, and freedom of power, money,etc. Live with love and laughter, give when you can, receive the great things that come along with being a human.

We live in such a fast paced society, buying,eating, go go go! Never taking a minute to just stop, look at ourselves and our loved ones and just be happy and grateful for what we have and where we are. So many in the world have nothing and yet are the most well rounded, happy and self reliant people. They don’t base their happiness on money, things or who gives them what.

Happiness can be found in some the smallest places. With just a smile, hug or friendly hello you can make someones day a bit brighter.

I personally want to live better. I want less money, less things and more smiles, more love more life.

It’s hard to change the way you’ve spent your whole life thinking. I’m negative, I generally dislike the population for one reason or another, I suffer from OCD so I find life hard to enjoy moments when I’m living in my head worrying and anxious about every detail. I don’t have a religion to focus my faith on, I don’t have hobbies or other creative outlets. So I NEED to change. Not change me as a person because I like myself the way I am, I would however like to change my way of thought. Change how I live, base my happiness on the energy I put forth in the world, maybe just maybe even seek out a higher power and find a religion that makes me feel great about life and gives me faith to pursue a longer and more peaceful existence. I’ve always said nature is my religion and I strongly believe in that. It’s where I feel calm and at home. Barefoot in dirt with the the Earth surrounding me. I need to get back to that mind frame. Live simpler and have an abundance of happiness.

This wont be easy and it wont happen over night but I’m promising myself that I can do this. I also want to get back into blogging- so look out world, here I come!