I hate that money rules us so much. We base everything around that dollar sign and it sickens me! 

Most days I debate bankruptcy so I can NOT have debt anymore. 

End of the month is the worst- get paid and its gone just as quickly. Bills,groceries,debt,rent,car payment. When does it end!? 

Need to find a better way to get past this and not let money rule our lives…but its sooooo hard!!!!! 

We dont starve by any means, were all clothed with a roof over our heads but sometimes i feel completely defeated. I need to not let it rule our lives so much and find other value in life. 

We all get sucked into the cycle, its how we live and have been conditioned to live. So be it- but that doesnt mean we cant rise above it and realize money does not determine or happiness. People out there live on less and i need to be thankful and grateful for what I do have….

And so it begins. 



3 thoughts on “$$$

  1. I’ve actually purged a lot of the material items in my home. And now before I purchase anything I ask myself 1. Is is a necessity 2. Is there something I’d rather be spending my money on. Since I love to travel, that’s typically: would I rather have this or go to this place. If I’d rather go somewhere, and it isn’t something I need, then I don’t buy it.

    It’s my baby step towards breaking that cycle you mentioned.

    This doesn’t help with the burden of paying bills and paying off debt, but it makes paying those bills and the debt off sooner a little easier.

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    • It’s funny you mention this- I recently just purged about 50% of our items. Sold some donated the rest- I have my kitchen left to do. It definitely does help a person have a clearer mind and has stopped me from buying frivolous/unnecessary items 🙂 thanks for the comment xx

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