Let’s Talk: CraveTV

Netflix Who? 

Shomi What? 

CraveTV is where it’s at! A year ago we subscribed and I was not impressed. Always buffering *insert eyeroll* and not enough options. So I gave up. 

This month we decided to give it another go and hoping they maybe had better streaming  and more options. Long story short I’m impressed! My fiancé and I love it so much.

I’m Canadian so it costs $8.39 a month (Netflix is $7.99)- we don’t subscribe to a television service. We have Internet and the sites we sub to for streaming shows. Saving money! 

Decent pricing, great selection and the streaming capabilities are fast fast fast. Just as good as Netflix (if not better) we never wait for anything to load nor does a program get interrupted. 

Way to go CraveTV! I love you. 


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